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Every event is unique, while an impressive event can be brought to life through visual elements, invitations, agenda and live entertainment. We provide various type of services in addition to enhance event experience, playing a vital role in creating and ensuring the best experience and memories for your guests.

Our mission is to ensure the most important day of your life plays out the way you desired, and we are ever ready to wow and impress!

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Sound mixer

Sound & Light

Sound & Light is definitely crucial as it determines the audio and visual experience of an event. Mylive Entertainment supplies a large selection of production options, ranging from small meeting and private event to mini concert setup. We provide sound and lighting system rental service, with our high performance speakers and lighting equipment, production support and stage setup.

Photography & Videography

Shooting for all type of events, wedding actual day, live streaming, portraits / product shooting, company branding, commercial, advertisement, music video production, underwater production, corporate video shooting, compositing showreel and more.

Photography and videography camera
Event Coordinator service

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators oversee particular tasks related to the event planning process, making sure all details are executed seamlessly and the plan is brought to action. Event coordinators will work closely with host, venue, and all vendors, coordinate and manage to ensure the completion of a successful event.

Professional Emcee

An experienced professional emcee brings the atmosphere of the night to the peak and make sure your guests are overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He or she is the master of ceremonies, often having to juggle more than one different role at any time. Besides, emcees help control the flow of an event, handling ceremonies, keep track on timing, and coordinate with all relevant services providers to ensure smooth run of program.

Emcee service
Photo Booth service

Photo Booth

The perfect party favour and best door gift/souvenirs for your guests! Photo booth provides instant printing photo services with premium props matches your event theme. Be thrilled and impressed with this unlimited printing fun, let’s go wild with all kind of fun props and bring home your memorable happiness.

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