Live Band

An event without music will certainly lose its colour and mood. While having a live band hired creates a great atmosphere and builds up festive values to your circumstances, leaving an indelible impression and experience to your guests.

We provide a broad range of live band performances, playing various music genres, including Jazz, Oldies, Popular songs, Acoustic, Instrumental, R&B, Rock, Bossa Nova, Ballad, Sentimental, Fusion, Latin, and more.

Whether you want it to be happening – Rock & Funky kind of music to spice up your event? Or lounge-type of soft jazz music? Oldies all night? Having a theme for your event? No Worries! We are able to customize band size and band line up based on your preference, as well as delivering the right feel and atmosphere for the designated theme.



Vocal + Keyboard/Guitar (2pcs Live Band)

Enlighten your special day with live music! Duo is the most basic band line up consisting of only one vocalist and one musician – keyboard or guitar. The two-pieces band is perfect for a light and easy night, adding some folksy acoustic feel to your event. Alternative option of 2pcs instrumental band is available too.


Vocal + Keyboard + Saxophone/Guitar/Violin (3pcs Live Band)

Trio is a three pieces band similar to duo augmented by a lead instrument. Audience could listen to not only the vocal singing, but also with a mixture of instrumental music throughout the night. Band line up could be modified with selections of saxophone, guitar, violin and cello.

Live Band Trio
Live Band Quadruple


Vocal + Keyboard + Saxophone + Drum/Guitar (4pcs Live Band)

Accompanied by guitar’s strumming together with keyboard’s comping, a more rhythmic and lively kind of music is performed in a quadruple band. Perking up an excited ambience to the audience and sounding much fuller.

Full Flash

Vocal + Keyboard + Saxophone + Guitar + Drum + BASS* (5 - 6 pcs Live Band)

What could be more happening than having a full band in your event? Full flash band performance with drummer and bassist grooving enthusiastically, along with keyboard’s accompaniment and saxophone/guitarist’s thrilling solo, they surely know how to spice up an event to life!

Live Band String Quartet

String Quartet

First Violin + Second Violin + Viola + Cello (Instrumental)

The string quartet is a musical ensemble consists of four string players: two violinists, a violist, and a cellist. Suitable for most garden events and cocktail session, playing a wide range of repertoire, including classical pieces, jazz tunes and rearranged pop songs.

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